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Stay Youthful with Nonsurgical Treatments at Spoken Med Spa in Snellville, GA

Updated: May 27

Investing in oneself is an essential part of maintaining overall well-being. One area that often requires attention is our skin. As we age, our skin naturally changes, resulting in a loss of elasticity, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and uneven texture. Fortunately, there are a variety of nonsurgical treatments available at Spoken Med Spa in Snellville, GA, that cater to all skin types and ages.

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Snow Hydrafacial: Rejuvenate and Refresh

One of the signature treatments at Spoken Med Spa is the Snow Hydrafacial. This unique facial treatment combines exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection in one session. The Snow Hydrafacial effectively removes dead skin cells, promotes healthy skin growth, and enhances the overall texture and tone of the skin. The best part is that it is suitable for all skin types.

For a limited time, Spoken Med Spa is offering a special of $80 off the Snow Hydrafacial, making it an excellent opportunity to invest in rejuvenating your skin and achieving a more youthful appearance.

Kybella: Say Goodbye to Double Chin With Nonsurgical Injection

Struggling with a double chin can be a frustrating experience, especially when diet and exercise fail to address the issue. However, advancements in nonsurgical treatments have introduced an effective solution - Kybella. This non-invasive treatment helps to dissolve fat under the chin, resulting in a more defined and contoured jawline.

At Spoken Med Spa, you can take advantage of a special offer of $200 off the Kybella treatment. Quick, easy, and highly effective, Kybella is a game-changer for those seeking a non-surgical solution to their double chin concerns.

Fat Dissolving Body Shots: Lose Stubborn Fat

Sometimes, specific areas of the body can be resistant to diet and exercise. In such cases, a non-surgical fat-dissolving treatment can be an excellent option. Spoken Med Spa offers Fat Dissolving Body Shots, which contain phosphatidylcholine, a substance that helps to dissolve fat cells. This treatment is particularly effective in reducing belly fat and love handles.

For a limited time, Spoken Med Spa is offering a special of $800 off Fat Dissolving Body Shots. This is a fantastic opportunity to address those stubborn areas and achieve the body shape you desire without surgery.

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Chemical Peels and Botox: A Powerful Combination

Combining treatments can often lead to more significant results. By pairing chemical peels with Botox, Spoken Med Spa offers a powerful duo for improving skin health. Chemical peels exfoliate the skin, promote cell turnover, and improve overall texture. Botox, on the other hand, helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

Take advantage of Spoken Med Spa's special offer of $300 off 3 Peels and 30 units of Botox. This unique combination of treatments will leave your skin refreshed, youthful, and vibrant.

Health and Wellness: Semaglutide Plan and Vitamin B Shots

Taking care of your overall health and well-being is just as important as addressing your skin concerns. At Spoken Med Spa, they understand this and offer health and wellness treatments designed to support weight loss, increase metabolism, and boost energy levels.

The Semaglutide Plan, an FDA-approved weight loss medication, is offered alongside three free Vitamin B shots. The Semaglutide Plan reduces hunger and increases feelings of fullness, making it easier to achieve weight loss goals. Vitamin B shots are also known for their energy-boosting properties, making them an ideal complement to the Semaglutide Plan.

By opting for this special offer, you can save $110 when you purchase one month of the Semaglutide Plan and receive three free Vitamin B shots.

Investing in yourself is a valuable decision, and Spoken Med Spa in Snellville, GA, offers a range of non-surgical treatments for all skin types and ages. With their limited-time specials on Snow Hydrafacial, Kybella, Fat Dissolving Body Shots, Chemical Peels, and Health and Wellness treatments, now is the perfect time to take advantage of these offers and embark on a journey to rejuvenate and maintain your youthful appearance. Visit Spoken Med Spa today and let their expert team guide you to radiant skin and overall well-being.


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