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30 min | Price: Varies 

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Why Get an Intramuscular Vitamin Injection?

There are many research studies that show that many of us are deficient in various vitamins and minerals. IM Vitamin shots are a great way to get your body back on track!  IM Vitamin absorption through the bloodstream can be more efficiently utilized by the body, whether by injection into a muscle or infusion directly into the bloodstream. Absorption through your digestive system, while also very effective is slower and often requires more frequent dosage. Spoken Med Spa offers all three options—IM Vitamin Injections, IV Vitamin Infusions, and Vitamin Supplements.

IM Vitamin Injections are great for those with busy schedules who want to be in and out in 15 minutes or less. You may receive multiple IM vitamin shots per day, which will be administered in different injection sites. If you have questions about which injections pair well together toward addressing your goals, please call or text before booking.

What to Expect When Getting an IM Vitamin Injection

After checking in for your appointment, the nurse will take you into an office for privacy. Some injections that are smaller in volume can be given in the arm or deltoid muscle, however, large-volume injections like our metabolism booster must be given in a larger muscle such as the dorsogluteal site located on the outer aspect of your buttocks near your hip. Rest assured all of our registered nurses are professional and have cared for a wide array of people in the hospital setting for a number of years before transitioning to Jurney Med Spa.  Your comfort and privacy is of utmost importance.  We will get you into a comfortable position with the injection site exposed.

Next, the area will be cleaned with alcohol prep and then numbed with an ethyl alcohol spray which feels cold and tingly! Our hope is that you feel as little discomfort as possible. Some clients describe a pinch or dull ache upon injection. Afterward, we’ll hold pressure and apply a bandage per your preference. That’s it! You can receive more than one IM injection in the same visit, but we’ll have to rotate sites to promote the best absorption of the vitamin components. We recommend gently massaging the site if you notice any sensation, but there is no additional aftercare needed. If you have questions or concerns, our nurses would be happy to address them!

Please notify us of any prescription or over-the-counter drugs you may be taking upon scheduling or before your visit.

Some of our more popular IM Vitamin Shots:

Level 1 Injections

  • Vitamin B12: Energy metabolism, mood, and blood health

  • B-Complex: Energy, stress, metabolism, and immune support

  • L-Glutamine: Helps with muscle soreness and recovery, improves gastrointestinal and immune function, may help with leaky gut and ulcers, supports brain health (addiction, anxiety depression, Alzheimer's, seizure disorders, and more), promotes muscle growth, supports metabolic and heart health, great as a chemotherapy adjunct to support gut lining permeability.

  • L-Carnitine*: A powerful tool for muscle recovery and building, improves oxygenation to the muscles, increases stamina, and facilitates fat loss. Offers anti-diabetic and cardiac health effects. Supports brain health, specifically in cases of Alzheimer’s. Also available as a high-dose option.

  • Amino Acid: Cell volumizing, strengthens connective tissue, improves fat metabolism and reduces recovery time. Supports nitric oxide production and anti-catabolism.

Level 2 Injections

  • Lipo-Slim: A blend of essential B vitamins with MIC (amino acids methionine, inositol, and choline) help the liver process fat more effectively, increase energy, and aid in stress management.

  • Vitamin D3: bone, joint, cardiovascular, and metabolism health. Pair a Vitamin D3 injection with any of our IV Infusions for a healthy boost! This is given as an injection because it must be mixed in an oil for better bioavailability. The lab is required if wishing to receive more than 1/month. Only $20 when added to an IV Vitamin Infusion appointment.

  • Tri-Immune Booster: Enhances physical performance and recovery, metabolism and weight loss, lymphatic drainage, immunity, memory, heart health, PCOS, and more! Contact us for more details.

  • Glutathione: brightens skin, promotes collagen, detoxifies liver, and strengthens hair, skin, and nails.

  • Ketorolac*: Short-term pain relief (NSAID) that can be used for everything from migraines to acute pain, etc. but does pose risks, as all NSAIDS do, and is contraindicated during pregnancy. 

  • Zofran / Ondansetron*: Combat nausea, hangover symptoms, and chemotherapy or pregnancy-induced nausea.

A formula listed with an asterisk * indicates that this is available per the discretion of our Nurse Practitioners who are looking at whether you have any risk factors that would make this not the best idea at this time (ex: pregnant, nursing, or have certain kidney or cardiac disorders.) 

Vitamin injections can help to support your overall health and wellness journey. To learn more about how vitamin injections can help you, schedule a consultation with our nurse practitioner at Jurney Med Spa today.

Why choose intramuscular vitamin injections over oral vitamins?

Intramuscular (IM) vitamin injections are administered directly into the muscle. This means the vitamin will get absorbed by the muscle and blood vessels directly. Oral vitamins must get broken down by the GI tract (through the stomach, and intestines) and then go through the liver for metabolizing. Anyone who has a poor diet, GI disorder, gut dysbiosis (imbalanced gut microbiome), or gut inflammation will not be able to absorb oral vitamins. IM vitamin injections bypass the gut and 90% or more of the vitamin is absorbed by the body. Vitamin injections are more bioavailable and the body can utilize them better.

IM Vitamin Injection Pricing

Level 1


B12, B-Complex, CoQ10, L-Glutamine, Amino Acid, or L-Carnitine

Level  2


Lipo-Slim: Metabolism Booster, D3, Tri-Immunity, Glutathione, Ketorolac, or Zofran/Ondansetron


IM Vitamin Packages

4 Pack Vitamin Injections+1 FREE SHOT 

Level  1 Injections


B12, B-Complex, CoQ10, L-Glutamine, Amino Acid, or L-Carnitine ($15 savings)

Level  2 Injections


Lipo-Slim: Metabolism Booster, D3, Tri-Immunity, Glutathione, Ketorolac, or Zofran/Ondansetron ($30 savings)

10 Pack Vitamin Injections

 Tier 1 Injections


B12, B-Complex, CoQ10, L-Glutamine, Amino Acid, or L-Carnitine ($40 savings)

 Tier 2 Injections


Lipo-Slim: Metabolism Booster, D3, Tri-Immunity, Glutathione, Ketorolac, or Zofran/Ondansetron ($100 savings)

All purchases are paid in full at the time of booking. No refunds or transfers. We will happily reschedule your appointment if you contact us with 48 hours ' notice. Anything rescheduled within a 48hr window will result in the session being forfeited, and you will be charged the full amount. Additional information about our missed visit/cancellation policy.


Intramuscular Vitamin Shots Available in Snellville, GA at Spoken Med Spa

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