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Available in Snellville, GA at JûrNēy Med Spa

Deep Chemical Peel

45 min | Starting at Price: $350

Our Brightest chemical peel with Hydroquinone removes skin cells from the epidermis and from portions of the mid to lower layer of your dermis. It recommend if you have deeper wrinkles, scars or precancerous growths. A deep chemical peel can only be performed once every 4 weeks.

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What is a Deep Chemical Peel?

  • A deep chemical peel produces the most dramatic results. This chemical penetrates down to the lower middle layer of your skin. Recovery time is longer with a deep peel. This choice may be best if you have moderate lines and wrinkles, extensive sun-damaged skin, deep acne scars, blotchy skin, and/or precancerous growths called actinic keratosis. A deep chemical peel requires pretreatment for up to eight weeks. Your medical provider will provide specific instructions. A deep chemical peel is a one-time-only treatment if applied to your face and does have significant downtime.

How Much Do You Charge for a Deep Chemical Peel?

A Deep chemical peel treatment costs vary and must be personalized to ensure that an appropriate treatment plan is developed to help you achieve your goals. In most cases, chemical peels costs are affordable, due to the packaging peels together. If you’d like a more in-depth estimate of how much treatment would cost for your specific needs, call or text us at Jurney Med Spa to schedule a custom consultation with our Nurse Practitioner or one of our staff.

Is a Deep Chemical Right for Me?

Generally, superficial peels can be used on all skin types. However, if you have a darker skin tone, you have a greater risk of experiencing a darkening of your skin after treatment. This condition is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. If you have a naturally darker skin tone, you may want to get a consult from our experienced staff to reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation.

Chemical peeling may also not be recommended if you:

  • Have a history of abnormal skin scarring.

  • Have extra coloring in your scars.

  • Have skin conditions or take medications that make your skin more sensitive.

  • Can't stay out of the sun for the healing period.

How is a Deep Chemical Peel Given?

A chemical peel can be performed in a doctor’s office or in a surgery center as an outpatient procedure. Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed with an agent that removes excess oils, while your eyes and hair are protected. A chemical solution is then applied to your skin. Chemical solutions typically used include glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, or carbolic acid (phenol).

What is Recovery Like After Deep Chemical Peel?

To get the best results, regardless of the depth of your peel, follow these tips:

  • Don’t use a tanning bed or other type of indoor or even outdoor tanning while your skin is healing.

  • After your skin heals, always apply daily sunscreen.

  • Apply a daily moisturizer, as directed, to keep your skin moist to prevent scarring.

Your new skin is fragile and more susceptible to complications. Your experienced medical provider will provide you with post-treatment instructions to reduce the chance of developing abnormal skin color after your peel and other complications.

If your skin itches, swells, or burns, call your doctor. Scratching your skin could lead to an infection.

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